Monday, August 23, 2010

Stuff We Do In Private: Binge

Welcome to this edition of “Stuff We Do In Private.” This email from last week was originally entitled “I am the meanest person ever” whereas we may or may not have been a bit tacky in private. But not about you. Really, not you. It's us, not you.

Seeing Shan's post below on no likey the mirror today reminded me of this as I commiserate with her. I have NO idea why we both feel gross. Ahem.

We’ll just start it here….annnnnnnd scene.

SHANNAN: i. agree. wholeheartedly. should we wash our mouths out with soap now?

AMY: Let me eat a cupcake first b/c maybe soap would make me purge and then it would be a win/win. I had half a Sprinkles cupcake this weekend. Trust me, not b/c I was being good. Because I was so freaking full of BBQ and buckets of beer and had already had wedding cake earlier in the day. Back to my story…it was good. Sads I didn’t get to try more flavors b/c of the fullness.

SHANNAN: I had about six "2-bite cupcakes" that I bought for the babies in honor of Dora The Explorer's birthday yesterday. I am glad to hear I'm not the ONLY one celebrating with cupcakes.

AMY: Snippets of my diet these past several days:
Wedding cake
Guacamole (twice)
Potato Casserole
BBQ (Twice)
Chocolate chip shake
Rocky Road Ice Cream

Pat, I’d like to buy an “A” because someone needs a S _ L _ D up in here.

SHANNAN: You know we need to CAREFULLY edit this and post some of it on MBB

AMY: Do we really want people know how hateful we are? Most of me doesn’t care. Let me see your proposed version of the Burn Book entry.

SHANNAN: Oh, I really just think the part about what we ate this weekend. I thought that was funny. NOTHING about how hateful we actually are. Sweet baby Jesus on a 2-bite cupcake, we don't want THAT to get out.


Nichole @ Parlour said...

Oh, ladies. I SOOO understand. I hate growing older (and apparently weaker concerning self-discipline.)I'm not even going to TELL you how much weight I've gained since the wedding 3 years ago. Example...My hubby went to Little Italy in the Bronx and brought back like a million Cannoli and some Tiramisu. Seriously, the man was lucky he got a bite of ANYTHING! I was grabbing, and hoovering like my life depended on it. Probably shouldn't share that. But, you know, I suppose, all we can do is our best...and avoid Cannoli and Tiramisu at all cost!

Second Skin said...

This knocks my socks offf with laughter! You guys are great! Holy shit man!