Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Spoils

Like Shan, I, too, have been doing a wee bit of thrifting/resale/etsy vintage shopping lately. I swear we get on the same exact cycles. We've even been known to have the same stuff on our eBay watch list. CAT FIGHT.
Unlike, Shan - I do not have the energies right now to try on all these things and haven't even worn most of these yet to take my infamous bathroom phone pictures. I know, tragic. Those bathroom shots are really gonna take over someday. Keep your professional looking photos every other blog. MBB has bathrooms and baby gates. Jealous?
Anyhoo, here are some recent spoils from my treasure hunts. Aaaaaaaargh.

This paint splattered Japanese tagged dress is actually quite a bit cuter on (me...duh) than on the Mannequin (Andrew McCarthy should have won an Oscar).

Who doesn't need a black and white striped blouse? Okay, referees, prison inmates and zebras. You got me. Other than that though...everyone needs one. Thrifty blouse, suede and studded belt and vintage Vera scarf. Loves.

Hello chocolate brown silky bell sleeved Shoshanna dress for $15 at the Jewish Council Resale Shop. True story: I love the JCRS big times.
BAM! Gold up in your grill. That one in the middle? My new faves. Vintage scarab necklathe from Etsy. The others from resale.

Shan here: I BELIEVE you mean Vintage Scarab that was STOLEN FROM UNDER SHANNAN off of Etsy.

Ethnic printed silky vintage blouse from resale? Mama like.

Shan: This is delish.

THIS is already fun with a white tank, jeans and wedges and is going to be muy perfecto on our 5th annivesary trip to Ixtapa in October by the pool or to dinner.

Shan: STOP - Hold the presses (which I typed initially as Hold the persses, which makes me think Hold the Purses, which gave me the instant mental image of PBI and The Hubs holding our purses and looking annoyed while we were off doing God knows what, BUT I DIGRESS). Back to my original rant - Have you told me about this one????? Is this vintage? This looks EXACTLY like the sheerey kimono robes I drooled over from Plum Pretty Sugar on etsy. Please to reveal the source of your sorcery so I can search for the same, you Debbil Woman.

Okay, Shaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaan, here are the pants I keep telling you about. Both will be worn either rolled up or cut to above the ankle. Don't know which I love more, the Asian print or the watercolor floral print.

Shan: From this photo I prefer Asiantastic pants, but STILL can't really tell. I need to see them on your person.

And, in closing, this kimono robe for five dollah is making me have crazy in the eyes I love it so much. So cute open over skinny black cropped pants with platforms and ridiculous belted as a dress.

Shan: Please see response under sheer kimono above, jerk.
Maybe someday I'll actually take a photo of my dressed person. Don't hold your breafs.


Café Bellini said...

Love the sleeves on that dress. Gorgeous!

Dobbygirl said...

OMG ADORE that scarab necklace (but you already knew that - LOL!) and that kimono robe, well D.I.E. Fab finds!!!!

Melanie said...

oh wow, that last kimono is amazing!!!!!!! I miss the bathroom shots!

Nichole @ Parlour said...

"Crazy in the eyes" she says! Love it. This was a great post. I DO need some modeling of the said spoils though. For the full effect!

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

great finds....those necklaces are absolutely fierce!