Monday, August 2, 2010

McLovin: Saucy Glossie

Well hello, Saucy Glossie, you saucy minx you. I swear to the hebbins, I spent like, FOREVER going back through her outfit posts.She has the perfect blend of casual chic and boho funk. Lurv...

Oh look, yet ANOTHER blogger taunting me with the Jessica Simpson Dany platforms. Sigh. I love the harem slouchy tank sexy chic she has going on here.

Cool Rachel Roy dress punched by a single turqwaaaaz necklathe? Yes please. P to the S - that dress is on sale as we speak. Do I need it? Hmmmm....

Look, we've been over it twelvity five times now - I. Love. Caftan. I espesh love it with a ginormous funky vintage lion head.

Another Rachel Roy - this time the asymmetrical leopard print blouse (also on sale), slouchy cropped harems and funky leopard wedges. You are supahfly TNT.

Billbong native sweater and layers of chunky jewreys are beachly perfection.

Okay, seriously? Jessica Simpson Shoe People? I wear a size 8. I would LOVE a pair of the Danys in tan. You just contact me, and I'll send you my address, and you ship a pair to me, and I'll pimp you out on MBB until the cows come home. It's pretty simple, really. Win-win sitch for EVERYONE.

Love the slouchy distressed take on nautical stripes here.



Linda said...

Love those stripes and cut offs at the bottom. so fresh looking!