Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Forgive Me

If I'm not feeling especially perky today. My sister and her family are leaving tomorrow to go back to Germany. They've been here two and a half weeks, and while having four adults and six children in one house hasn't been easy, and in fact has been frustrating and maddening to someone like me who is anal, who has my routines with the babies because it makes life easier, nevertheless, it breaks my heart to see them go, because it is GERMANY, and because my three little birds FINALLY got to spend some time with their cousins and aunt and uncle. Got the opportunity to open their hearts and learn how to socialize and share their sweet, funny, goofy, ornery, precious personalities with people who love them almost as much as we do.

These two and a half weeks gave us time with our nieces and nephew, and every time I spend a little more time with them, it gets harder and harder to say goodbye. I know they'll only be in Germany for another year (hopefully) and more than likely they will never be in the same town with us, but I can always dream.

I'm going to take this day, our last day before they leave, and try not to focus on tomorrow, but live in the moment, and enjoy life, and try not to worry about time schedules and naps and who ate what and whether or not they are carrying crayons around the house possibly drawing on the walls, and just enjoy having my sister here for one more day.

I love you Jen.
Dear Peanut,
I was thinking of you this morning. I know the day Jen leaves is always the worst day of the year for you. Worse than the dentist. And you HATE the dentist. You sure do love you some nitrous though.

It's hard every time but you get through it every time. So, you have that going for you! And, a year will fly by. Look how fast the trips are already growing to see how time flies. Wait. Don't. Pep talk just derailed.

Enjoy today.



Melanie said...

Your sister was so sweet! So glad I got to meet her, I am sure you will be so sad when she leaves. At least you have SYTYCD to cheer you up?!

Ms Sublime said...

Goodbyes are always are hard but where there is love, there is no distance. Sending you big love from London! Loving your blog, always makes me smile :)


this free bird said...

Oh Shan - this is a tough one. I feel the same about my fam sans the children that I don't have and sometimes I draw on the walls with my niece and nephew.

If you want me to come over and recreate the scene just say the word and I'll pack my crayons.

Enjoy the day with your fam and like you said, live in the moment.

Carrie *hugs*

Peetzi Jen said...

Sisters are special...there's no question about that! It's like the other half of you, only different.

And nieces and nephews, well, they are like your second children. I just sent my little nephew home today after a nice long visit and I cried the entire drive home. Felt downright sorry for myself!!!

Living EVERY moment and KNOWING what's important in life (your FAMILY), THAT'S what will get you through.

Keep your chin up!

GiGi said...

big hug for you.
it's super hard being away from family--well, if you like them.