Friday, August 20, 2010

Awesome Sauce: Because I'm Addicted

The SICK blog Because I'm Addicted is knocking it out of the park lately with one inspirational fashion photo after another. It's full of majah fashion eye-candy, adult beverages, and delicious nom-noms to put all up in your face. I am serious - apricot clafoutis? Get in my mouth.Brigette Bardot-inspired photo shoot that BIA did with Monica Rose for Botkier. GOR-GEOUS.
Karen by Simonson from Copenhagen Fashion Week...
This dress pisses me off it is so frigging gorgeous. I don't know who it thinks it is.
Drapey layers, bunched up sleeves and skinny pants? You had me at hello.
If you haven't already stopped by BIA, DO IT. You'll be glad ya did, and they'll leave the light on for you.*

*I have no idea if they will ACTUALLY leave the light on for you, or if in fact they even OWN a light. I'm assuming they do - most people do these days. You never know, though....


geri hirsch said...

hahahhaa. aww thank you so much! too kind, too kind! xo