Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WWD: Jammies

Other than the shoes that will likely be walking the plank in favor of the comfortable wedges I brought "just in case", this outfit feels like I'm wearing PJ's.

Speaking of jammies, I really miss my old private office with the door. It was much more conducive to taking under the desk, aka George Costanza, naps at lunch.

I digress to impress.

The most comfortable shirt ever: The Maxx
Black satin cargo pants you can't see: H&M
Stripedy Stripe Stripe shoes: A few seasons ago. Read: I have no idea.
Big fat Versace-looking Napier vintage necklace: Jewish resale shop $6...holla
Other assorted jewries
Hair that is getting did tonight.....busted looking today

So, yes, perhaps a bit of a Yawny Kitaen, boring outfit but comfortable. Did I mention that?

Here I go again on my own.

Annnnnnnnd, now you will sing Whitesnake all day. You're welcome.


Honestly - WHO THROWS A SHOE???!!! (one of my favorite random lines from Austin Powers that no one ever gets but I think is funny and giggle to myself each time I say it, but I digress...) What I meant to say was, Honestly - YOU ARE WASTING AWAY BEFORE OUR VERY EYES!!! Fo realz, Skinny Minnie! That outfit is The Cutes, and your necklathe? Need. GIMME. Do not make me punch you in the stomach, steal it and run away. I will do it in a heartbeat.

I can't tell if that's the same shirt I wore yesterday or not - does yours have an elasticky band around the waist? No matter- you look goooooood. And your hurr busted? I DOUBT THAT, jerk.



Peetzi Jen said...

oooooooo necklace...SHARE! And your lovely shirt is very Glamourai-ish with the cut-out shoulders

GiGi said...

i don't know what's better, that super sized medallion on your neck, or whitesnake in my head.

i heart you and david coverdale.

Dobbygirl said...