Sunday, July 11, 2010


Watching your weight? Don't eat this. Okay, don't eat much of it.

Throwing caution and skinny jeans to the wind and want something delicious? EAT THIS.

We made this household fave this weekend.

Years later I finally remem
ber the name but still insist on calling it Kheema do blah blah. I'm very mature.

Adorable sidebar: I'm chopping, stopping (dropping and rolling) and then taking a picture, etc.

Pablo:"uh, what are you doing?"

Me: "Taking pics for MerciBlahBlah."

Pablo: "You all do food now?"

Me: "Clearly you don't read it and it's a little bit of everything...a lifestyle blog if you will" (I say with gross sarcasm.)

Cut to me setting the table, pouring the wine and coming back in to find Pablo taking a picture of the pan of kheem and then setting the whole pita, finished product shots above.

Me: Giggling because that's just CUTE.

Pablo: "Well...I thought you might want it for your blog."

Move over Gabourey Sidibe because that is PRECIOUS.

I'll get the recipe and update this post with it ASAP.

Oh..and tonight? Moroccan Tuna with Portuguese Red Peppers. Double YUM.

Tomorrow: Back to thinking about calories.

(Did I mention I had a goat cheese cookie today?)

Kheema Do Blah Blah,


Jill said...

Sounds fabulous!