Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Uh, YUM (and it's not even Shan posting!)

If you need to know anything about me it would be:

A) I have good hair

B) My husband does most of the cooking. I WILL say though that it really is a team effort as I'm a masterful sous chef and somehow always end up with the jobs that either leave you smelling like garlic for days or involve cilantro. Really though, we are a very good team in the kitchen and I enjoy that we typically do some or all of it together. I also clean, he dries. I'm kind of lucky.

Howevah, this weekend I gave him the rare treat of not having to step foot in the kitchen one night. Don't get used to this. I like the teamwork and kinda missed having someone to toast as we drink our "cooking dinner" wine. Toasting yourself and kissing the chef just looks kind of sad to the hateful neighbor lady whose kitchen window faces yours when you don't have help.

Enter this:

Hey, olive oil, onions and your thang.

Mmmmmmm, feta. And dill. And one egg.

Chill out spinach so I can put you with my BFF feta.

YUM...raw meat. Stuff it. Stuff it real good.

The finished product with this yellow rice we likey and fresh asparagus. His with butter, mine without. Mine was delish but I bet his was better. I mean it is BUTTER for the love of the spinning wheel on the game of LIFE that stopped spinning. (Did anyone grease that back up with butter or did my Oklahoma just come out?)

Note: we modified the cooking time - Broil 8 minutes on one side, put that thing down flip it and reverse it for 3 minutes on the other, douse with the olive oil, lemon and oregano, then between 4-5 on the other side again.


WHAAAAA????? Whoseewhatsit? Who has taken control of the blog?!!!! Oh, AMMMMMY, I remember you. Vaugely. You're the one with the good hair and the butter. Smack it up, flip it, RUB IT DOWN. Oh ye of the Salt -n- Pepa. I can say I have NEVER heard of anyone greasing up their Wheel o Life with butter, Okie.

See how much more fun(ny) we are when we blog TOGEVA? Everyday should be like this.


Onnnnne is the lonliest number that you'll ever doooooooooooooo......

Blah Blah,
Shan (Remember me?)


The Townhouselady said...

That looks delish. Wish your blog had taste-o-vision.

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The Townhouselady