Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sending Out an ASOS

I figured I'd round out my new found love fest for ASOS with some of my favorite jewreys from their dynomite site.

Don't EVEN get me started on this cobweb necklace. How frigging badass is this bad boy? BAAAAD. In the words of Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction, it is "a badass mother effer." I die.

Yep, still searching for the perennial perfect snake ring. This one comes pretty close. Loves.

How do I love thee, turquoise cuff? Let me count the ways. I love the four-sidedness of you, and your goldieness that cradles the ....okay...this is crap. Let's just say I love it and be done with it.

Well, well, wellllll, Statement Multi Row Necklace - you're like the girl at the party who gets drunk and makes out with some random guy in the men's room at a Halloween party. Oh, wait - that was me. What I meant to say was - you are fun and easy. Nope, again me....ummmmm...I really, really like you and promise to respect you in the morning?*

Hey Stud(ded Leatha Bracelet) - Tell me about it...

I think I've done enough damage here.

*I had a MUCH funnier, but MUCH less tasteful joke to include here. However, since I have been made aware that my 9 year old niece has inadvertantly come across my blog, I am forced to keep it to myself and giggle like a schoolboy. I then have the conversation with myself, "But I'm not WRITING this blog for 9 year olds, and maybe their parents should have better control over what they're reading on the information superhighway," and I stamp my foot and cross my arms and say "HMMMMPFH!" yet still, apparently I have a conscience that takes over now and then. Just a wee bit.

Sigh. It was reeeeeaaaaalllly funny.


Dobbygirl said...

Loving all your picks! Now I want to hear the naughty joke LOL!

this free bird said...

jewreys. AHAHAH! JEWREYS - I love when kids say that! ps - why is your 9yroldniecemanningthecomputersolo?

Maria said...

love all their stuff....have you ever ordered from there, im wondering about the shipping price!!!!

merciblahblah said...

Dobby - I plead the fifth.

Carrie - I wish I knew!

Maria - I have not, but I have my eye on some shoesies from there - need to check into the shipping fo sho!