Tuesday, July 13, 2010

McLovin: Second Skin

Mmmmmmkay, I've got a minute in between the time when the babies are FINALLY in bed and we watch our nightly viewing of Holmes on Homes (does anyone else think he's hot, or is it just me? Anyone? Anyone? No?)....

anyhoozle, thought I'd share my latest favey crockett in blogland: Second Skin. I am sorry, but could this girl BE more adorable, with more perfect hair? WhatEVER. Also, she dresses almost entirely in vintage/thrifted clothing but manages to look completely fresh and funky and modern.

Looooooves it!

Oh this makes me long for fall. Fall, how do I love thee? You KNOW you are my favorite of all the seasons, espesh when it is frigging 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity. Blech.

I swear, if I thought I could pull off a Dr. Zhivago hat like this one, I'd steal my dad's furry winter hat in a SECOND.

Do I even need to esplain why I love this one? Come ON - it's a vintage caftan, people.

Yes yes yes yes YES.

This is just starting to piss me off now. Seriously.

1979 Free To Be You and Me called and wants to invite you to a love-in. Sign me up.



kirstyb said...

loving it all xxxx

Paula said...

I want her shoes!

this free bird said...

good grief. gf knows how to rock a fur hat!!