Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mad About You

You WEAR those pants, Betty Draper. You just wear 'em, girl.

Simple. Loves.

I'm so behind on catching up on my seasons of Mad Men on DVD. A think a date with that cad, Don, is due this weekend. I'll let Don due until Dexter comes back on and Michael C. Hall graces my eyeballs once again.

I concurrrrrr. Saw this on Project Rungay yesterday and I. Love. It.
Blah Blah,


Pretty Pleased said...

You girls are adorable! We're following~ Thanks for the comments!

Melanie said...

she makes me want to chop my hair right off!!! She is GORG, can't wait for mad men to start!

this free bird said...

You guys crack me up!! I really need to get on the Mad Men train via DVD to get caught up. I'm so "last year" with the tv'ers. oy

Dobbygirl said...

OMG She looks so fab! LOVE!