Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good vs. Evil

I know, I know - I shouldn't do this because I'm always annoyed by those tabloid mags that perpetuate the feud between Aniston and Angelina, when you turn to the article that says, "Jen's a Mom!", and the the next article in the mag is "Angelina's a Saint!", but I've come across these two photos in the past week, and couldn't help but think how much they represent the good girl next door versus the homewrecker who wants to be the next Maleficent, espesh with the wind kicked up around that swirling red Versace.

Bottom line? They BOTH look gorgeous, in completely different ways. It's interesting, both women have perfected the art of simplicity, from hair and accessories to clothing, and both have been accused of not changing it up enough, or wearing enough color, but I say, if it works for them and they can still carry it off, why not?

I am Team Aniston all the way, and I think Jen looks better in this Valentino than she has in a long time. Not that she looks bad in anything else, I just think she looks especially gorge here. I would love it if the skirt were to her knees, but beyond that, she is fab and I'm SURE we would be besties if we were ever to cross paths. Jen, call me.....

I hate to admit this because I'm NOT an Angelina fan, but come ON - she was born to wear that dress, in that wind storm. That's eye candy if I ever saw it.


this free bird said...

angie gets on my nerves b/c she is a wrecker. i don't care how many kidlets she adopts or has...wreck-er.

but she does rock a mean dress and i have no problem giving credit where credit is due. even though she doesn't need anymore credit. period.


Jill said...

I think they are both beautiful...and sometimes, you just don't know when love is going to find you or grab you on the ass. No judgments from me about the whole home-wrecker thing...only because nobody really knows the whole story except the three of them.

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Angelina's boney arms are SCARING me!!

Ms Sublime said...
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Ms Sublime said...

I just can't like Ange no matter how much I try to be impartial! I have always been in Jen's camp and yes Ange is absolutely stunning and she may be the Queen of Hollywood and yes looks amazing in that and any other dress... but Jen wins hearts and is the people's princess!