Monday, July 12, 2010

Girl Crush Redux: Cat Deeley

It has been waaaaaaaaaaay too long since we showed Cat Deeley some lurve. Let's drool collectively over some of my favey crocketts this season:

Hiya, Vivienne Westwood. You so sweet you just gave me a toofache.

I realize that according to the Project Rungay fellas, "short, tight, and shiny" is the mantra of Heidi Klum, but it is also apparently mine, because I am all over this Zac Posen like polyester on a prom dress. Loves. It.

I am sorry, but she just purty. Espesh in vintage. Cat - would you be my BFF? Yes___ No___ I'm Calling the Police Now___

No, seriously - WOULD you be my BFF? Yes___ No___ I've Got a Taser and I'm Not Afraid to Use It___

That Matthew Williamson is DIVOOOOOOONE.

This was not my favorite hurrdoo of Cat's, but she's still gorgemous.