Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fall Wish List

Some schtuff on my wish list for fall...Yes, I realize it is anywhere from 90 - 100 degrees where I live right now, which is all the more reason I am LONGING for fall.

Brrrrrrrogues from ASOS: Don't know if I like the solid color or two tone, but I have needed a pair of these in my life like, forever now. And on the other end of the heel spectrum, we have... The Jessica Simpson Dani shoes: Look, I know they are 5+ inch heels, not the most convenient thing for chasing triplets around, but I don't intend to wear them around the babies, OKAY?!!! I also know they keep selling out, so if I happen across them in my size, they will be mine.

Skinny cargos: Hey, I'd love a pair of J. Brand Houlihan's as much as the next guy, but $230 for a pair of pantalones is not in my budget, so these $40 jobs from Alloy are fine by me.

J. Crew sequin breton stripe: My love affair with the breton stripe continues, and this one has WHAT? Sequins? It's a match made in heaven.

Vintage ethnic dress (i.e. caftan/tunic/dashiki): I go in phases on eBay, and right now my favorite search is ethnic dress. Some of my other favey crocketts in searchville? Peacock, snake ring, tassle necklace (vintage, durrrr), and octopus. I know, random, right? Anyhoozle, I'm sure the above two dresses have long sold, but I know I can always find something similar in eBay land, which reminds me of Egypt-land, which reminds me of this:

Which has nothing to do with fall or fashion, but I like it anyway.


Peetzi Jen said...

I ham seeing the Dani shoe EVERYWHERE and my love for it grows by the minute! Look at it's loveliness with the caftan!! It's all just too much!

Let my Cameron gooooo!

Peetzi Jen said...

Did I actually just type "I ham"??? LOL! : )

SGM said...

I also came over to say "let my Cameron goooooooo." Classic.

merciblahblah said...

Jen - I swear, every frigging seller of vintage clothing on eBay is TAUNTING me with those damn shoes.

SGM!!!! I was hoping my random you tubery would bring you out of hiding. Wheeeeeeee!!!


canuck_grad said...

Oh, that's always been my favorite part of the movie!!!