Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: THANK YOU!

A big sloppy thank you to Ames, for my birfday pressies. Got em last night, and am wearing them today (at least one of them). I don't know if it is the pattern on this dress (vintage, durrrr), or the 60s-liciousness of it, but it makes me feel very Barbarella, hence the high ponytail (or maybe you're just thinking - uhhhh, did she just come from the gym or WHAT?) - no matter. I LOVES this dress, but I loves my homegirl Ames even MO.
Necklatheth, vintage, garage sale

Snake brathelet, F21? Maybe? dunno - tis old.



Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. You are wearing it. Loves it. Looks as awesome as a special episode of Blossom.

Happy belated again, my Peanut!




this free bird said...

Hey! I saw that you entered for Jessica's giveaway (Style Obsession) and wanted to invite you over to mine.

It's also jewelry! Melinda Maria makes amazing pieces and we're giving away the Pyramid Spike Bangle (edgy, but also very simple - can be worn with other pieces or alone - would look cook with the snake!!).

Here's the link to my page -

would love for you to stop by and throw in your details!

-Carrie :)