Friday, June 4, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: Speaking of Peacockulous

Did someone say Peacock? A Peacock sez what?

Don't worry, Shan, I know the rule. Go back to another H&M and see if they have more and get you one. Durrrrr.

I mixed it up from the office bathroom shots today to get the whole outfit. You're welcome.

Satin Cargo Pants and shirt: H&M
Bracelets: Local jewry store
Shoes: JcPenney. Yes, JcPenney.

Annnnd, while I was in the sunroom I caught a snappy snaps of my accessory closet in the background so I decided to take a quick shot of the jewry and belt part and show you the madness.

Don't let your eyes fool's actually very organized. For real world. The drawers are only askew because I was getting ready. I mean there is never a hot mess of shoes on the closet floor. Ahem.

This is my favorite closet in the whole house. Unless we are counting the wine cabinet.



Morgan said...

I want that closet full of jewelry! Amazing!