Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When I Grow Up

I want to be this chic effortless effing COOL.

Saw this photo on All the Pretty Birds, and it completely reminded me of this gorgeous dancer, Karine Plantadit, in Twyla Tharp's show "Come Fly Away," who performed on So You Think You Can Dance the other night. Dammit if I can't find a video that I can embed, because it. was. amazing. Her body is SICK. She was the epitome of fabulous. Le Sigh.

Um, P.S. - girlfriend is 40. BOO-YAH.



Jackie said...

Oh yes, that performance was amazing! Gave me chills, I tell ya, CHILLS! And the dude dancing with her wasn't too bad either. I was kind of diggin his whole bad-ass tude, chewing on his piece of gum like his life depended on it.

merciblahblah said...

Yep, he was a looker too, all right!

this free bird said...

okay so here's the thing. i saw a woman walking across the street with her hair all natural poufy like that and I turned to the chef and said, "man, I wish" and he turned back and said, "totally cool" and we both stared wistfully at the woman who looked almost identical to the ones in the pictures.

and ps - yahooooo for white denim!

Anna Jane said...

Carrie from This Free Bird is adorableeeee. I've never checked out Cork + Caftans, but now I must.

Anna Jane