Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I just have to add two more quick CFDA thoughts.

I THOUGHT this dress was mayhaps one of the most gorgeous creatures to ever enter my eyeballs......

Ames: I had to add that bottom photo, because I looooove the movemen in the dress (which is gorge, gorge, gorge, BTW...carry on....)

UNTIL, my eyes saw the absolute perfection that was Gwenyth. I dare say she has never looked more amazing. And that is a tall order, my friends. Girl is always stunning.

I still can't decide which is more lovely. It's like a tennis match all up here in my brain. Gwenyth - SJP's dress - Gwenyth - SJP's dress. I'm calling it a draw at "love-love."


Shan here, sorry to hijack your post, but I thought on the flip side we should look at the winner of the coveted "Huh, Well That's Unfortunate Award," which goes to.....

Alexa Chung! You know, I can appreciate that she takes fashion risks and doesn't look like every other Hollywood starlet, but that's because here she looks like every other Hollywood starlet's maiden aunt. I mean, WHAT is she wearing on her feet? Seriously, my grandma's orthopedic shoes look like you-know-what-me pumps compared to those clodhoppers. Yeeesh! Let's cleanse the palate, shall we?

MUCH better.


Melanie said...

for the love of RYAN REYNOLDS...geesh. I might need depends for this one...

Jill said...

I want SJP's dress...although it would engulf me. I wonder how tall she is?

Yelena said...

that dress on on SJP is gorgeous! wow! i'm surprsied its not all over the tabloids and fashion mags! wow :) beautiful photos :)
and, lovely blog :)

Full House said...

Oh Rye, rye..I die. Seriously he sort of makes me think he's hot.

SJP's dress is off the hook.

Dobbygirl said...

Agreed on both dresses, they may just be my favorite so far this year on any red carpet! Wowza!