Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: The Glamourai (durrrr)

Do yourself a favor and check out my pretend internet girlfriend, The Glamourai's, excellent postie toastie on stylist Lori Goldstein. Prepare to die.

EXCUSE ME????? Are you effing kidding me, bracelet? What da HAIL? In the words of David Cassidy, while he was still with the Partridge Family, I think I love you. In the words of smart ass extraordinaire, My Favorite and My Best, that bracelet is just dumb.

That goes double for you, studded Fendi bag. You suck.

Life is so unfair. Not only is she totally adorable and chic and effortless and creative and funky, but she apparently just moved into a fancy schmancy new place that has The Piece Of Furniture I Most Covet - the Barcelona chair. Jerk. Call me.....

Seriously - do yourself a favor and check out the whole post (part 1 and 2) and then drown your envy in Mad Dog 20/20 (or is that just me)?



Dobbygirl said...

Amen, I was swooning and then barfed after seeing how many Birkin's she had. Off to take more Pepto...

this free bird said...

i saw this and then gouged my eyes out so i'm done now.

ps - buddha's hand is a type of citrus they throw in there. i told the chef you asked about it so now he's on the hunt for bh so we can include a cocktail in a food post. yep yep - margaritas comin right up.

and after looking at all those effin birkins and that fur wrap, i mean now that i'm seeing impaired (thanks for nothin glamourai) - i need a little sip of something to ease the pain. wah