Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stuff We Do In Private: Just A Couple Of Nuts

Another edition of "Stuff We Do In Private" aka "our ridiculous email conversations" is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Annnnnnnnnd scene:

Ames: Totes just vurped oatmeal.

Shan: you are disgusting and I just vommed.

Ames: Sorrrrrrrry. I no feel so bueno.

Shan: no bueno is el yucko and muy sucko

Ames: Es no bueno at all. What did your trainer do last night?

Shan: Well, I got there early so I started running on the track, and ran 1/2 mile and then decided I'd better slow down in case she had us doing something similar to warm up. When we started, she put us on the treadmill and we had to stand sideways and run like that on each side. Then we did machines for upper body - just 10 reps, but we did our best form on every upper body machine, and in between each machine that we did we had to run a lap on the track, so I was pretty schweaty by the end. At the very end, she had us compete against one other person, and we did step-ups (had one foot on a block and stepped up with the other foot then back down with that same foot) for as many reps as we could on each leg. We did 50 reps each leg. Nooooodle legs and arms by the end.

Ames: Sounds horrible but fun. How many peeps in your group? All shapes and sizes?

Shan: Last night was just four of us, and yep, we're all pretty different.

Ames: Awwwwww, just a loveable group of ragtags brought together by a common goal. You need a teebee show.

Seriously, I want to go home but I actually have three projects going on. My allergies are so bad that my eyes are just goo. I can’t keep taking out my contacts to clean them. Making me craaaaaaaaaazy.

Shan: OOoooooh, having to take out my eyeballs and clean them over and over makes me as angry as listening to Melissa Ethridge makes YOU. That's maaaaad.

Ames: You have NO idea.

I literally would wear my spectacles if I had them with me. And those never leave the house.

Shan: Do you wear your bonnet and pantaloons with your spectacles too?

Ames: Don’t be ridiculous.

Shan: Oh duh - I forgot, you wear your spectacles with your TOP HAT. Derp derp derp.

Ames: It’s like you don’t know me at all. That hurts. I wear my MONOCLE with my top hat.

Shan: I don't. Your MONOCLE? You have changed.

Ames: Yep. This is my WWD outfit today. I’ll post in a bit.

Shan: That made me laff out loud, jerk.

Ames: I can’t pretend to be sorry.

Shan: It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. And a monocle.


Melanie said...

you girlzzzz are crazy! I am laughing so hard. You were missed at Whino night Shan. Except I swear there was no wine in the sangria. No Bueno. The tapas were good though...

MerciBlahBlah said...

Poop poop poop! I am so bummed I missed it!!!

Perhaps my word verifiction says it best: