Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sending Out an ASOS

I am sorry, but why didn't I know anything about ASOS? Why have I not shopped the site yet? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?????? Came across it going through the rabbit hole of the blogosphere last week and fell in lurv with the following dresses (cuz it's all about the dress).

This Pepe jeans rainbow smocked dress is Mrs. Roper goes to the beach, and it can come and knock on my door any old time.

Rare Iridescent Sequin Dress? Come on now, you know how I feel about a sequin. You are delicious.

GRAB THE DEPENDS! If that first dress was Mrs. Roper goes to the beach, this ASOS Embellished Neck Oversize dress is Mrs. Roper meets Studio 54, and I. Need. It. In. My. Life. It's only 76 bones? I need a size 4. The. End.

Okay, I need to take a mo, because this dress is only $43???? And it has excellent shoulder pads, a la Working Girl 2010? Could it BE more perfect?!

Aye, meladdos, I don't know why I have lapsed into Irish speak, and I cannot find this dress on the site now, but it was there earlier. Trust. It is tres Glamourai/Sea of Shoes-esque, to loves.
ASOS - you may not know the drill since I just learned about you, but if your marketing/PR people come across our humble blog and want to gift any of the above merch to me, I wear a small or US size 4.


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Jolie said...

Asos= the bomb, Glad you finally found it, but now you're in trouble!!

Jackie said...

I just ran across Asos when working up my post on my top 10 fave cocktail rings. I could not believe the amazing prices either! And such amazing stuff! I hope the asos peeps are reading and send some stuff your way. And me too! BTW, totally cracking up over the Mrs. Roper comment. Too funny!

Have a great weekend!