Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sending Out An ASOS, Part Deux

Today's installment of our daily shoe fix comes courtesy of ASOS, my new favey crockett. Apparently I'm still into studs, nudes, wedges and brogues. Those could be the subject of a really bad porn.

What could be better than studs, platforms, and modified gladiator shoes? Not much, I can tell you that fo sho.

I am loving the stacked heel natural leather 70s platform vibe crossed with a good peek-a-boo funky twistie tie.

Nude suede + sky high wedge = shoe hebbin. Amen.

Typically I am NOT a fan of the return of the clog, mainly because of the "Clog Incident" that happened when I was in sixth grade. Let's just say I MAY have been wearing my blue leather clogs down the hall, when one FLEW out from under my foot, sending me sprawling to my ass in one direction as my clog flew in the opposite direction, hitting some lockers and the wall with the force and sound of a small atomic bomb. Of course, all of this happened JUST as I was walking by the open door of a classroom, so everyone in class saw it. I thought I was over "The Incident," after several years of therapy. Clearly, I am not. I DO, howevs, love the cloggity ogg above.

'Nother nude suede shoe with stacked heel. I TODE you I love them.
The cutouts on this one are drrrrr-eeeeeeamy.

Two-tone brogue for about fiddy dollah? You are mine. Oh, yes you are.