Friday, June 4, 2010

SCORE: A Direct Hit!

So our neighborhood garage sales take place this weekend, and mom and I (or mum and I, for our British readers) took the kids out cruising the hood for treasures yesterday, and can I just say, holy hell did we find them. I am itching to go back out now and start knocking on doors to see if anyone has anything else to sell, but since it's 9:12 p.m. and I REALLY need to go watch the season finale of Crazy Town (aka The Real Housewives of New York), I probably won't.

Please do not be too jelly of a) my AMAZING bargains, 2) my filthy carpet, or c) my mad photography skillz.

First of all, I'm not EVEN showing you the stuff I got for the Trips, cuz let's face it, it's boring. Here's the loot: leatha Coach cross-body bag - 5 dollah to make you hollah. Various vintage necklathes - about 6 dollah total - the ginormous one all the way to the left? Twenty five cent. (I TOLD you you would be jealous)...

Let's take a closer look:

Dis one has matching earrings...

Ooooooh, he's an ANGRY owl...

My favey crockett: silver necklathe with scarab. And now let me tell you what made me vom right in the street. The lady who I bought these from had an entire table COVERED in vintage jewreys this morning before I got there. Most was marked FIDDY CENT. She sold $100 of it almost as soon as she opened. I am not ashamed to say I wept openly.

This painting, which I scored for 1 dollah, howevs, almost makes up for it:

I love it. It needs a different frame (any suggestions?), but if you know anything about me, it is that I LOVE peacock. Wait - that didn't sound quite right. For realz though, I loves me some giant turquoise screeching bird with a buttload of feathers. It's peacockulous.

I hope my gloating has not turned you off our humble blog; as we say in the hard-scrabble world of the garage sale, don't hate the playa, hate the game.

Also - don't don't don't you forget about meeeeee - I mean - don't forget that 2 p.m. today is the deadline to get your comments in to register for the CSN gift card drawring (winner to be announced Monday). To refresh your memory - 1) Become a follower 2) Leave a comment with your e-mail address 3) Wait to collect your spoilz 4) If you do not win, become a pirate on the high seas to collect DIFFERENT spoilz - just remain a faithful follower - I'm sure your pirate ship will be wireless. Durrrrr.



Morgan said...

I can't believe you found those lovlies at a garage sale! The g.s's in my neighborhood only have kid crap and old cook books. Man, I need to move to your area! :)