Thursday, June 24, 2010

McLovin: This Free Bird, Corks and Caftans

Just wanted to share some pics from two of my new favey crocketts...Carrie from This Free Bird not only has fab-you-lous style and scrumptious recipes, she also just did a post on my favorite place in all the land - LAGUNA. Ch-ch-check it out heah...

Lurve the floraliciousness going on here.

Laguna - need I say more?

Carey at Corks and Caftans? Well, let's just say this: she has an amazing bananas wardrobe, AND she did a post dedicated to one of my top five all time favorite movies: Against All Odds. HOLLAAAAAA!!!!

I am not EVEN lying when I tell you I am stalking these tribal pajama pants until they are mine.

Mara Hoffman dress? I think I love you.



Jill said...

Thanks for this...I've been wanting to find some new blogs to follow.

corksandcaftans said...

you are adorable. (oh shizzle, I'm so jealous you came up with 'adorakable' before I did.) thanks for the shout out!!! re: crockett... my middle name is Crocker. Seriously, like Betty, so I found that choice of word really funny.


merciblahblah said...

Jill - have fun - these two girls will keep you entertained!

Carey Crocker - I. Think. I. Love. You. That is perfection.
David Cassidy
(aka Shannan)

this free bird said...

oh mah gah.

i think i want carey's tribal pajama pants too. girlfriend rocks a print like no other...and the caftan stash. swoon factor of, like, a bazillion.

now about the top i'm wearing in the first (as she digs frantically through the pile of clothing on bedroom floor....)

you are so kind! love!!

i mean Carrie!
see? after you visit laguna you think you ARE lauren conrad. sans wardrobe.

GiGi said...

um....can't they come to the next wine club "meeting"? or better yet, the clothing swap?

MerciBlahBlah said...

Hells YES, G-Dawg. I vote for that!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Does anyone know the name of this Blue Mara Hoffman print? How can I find it?