Monday, June 14, 2010

McLovin: My Daily Style

Came across My Daily Style through the rabbit hole recently, and l-o-v-e her "you will never be
this cool" style. Amazing bananas sick dope funky fresh. Enjoy some of my favey crocketts...

Military jacket, grey tee, funkey jewreys, uh-mazing lace skirt and tights? Come ON, woman - give the rest of us a fighting chance to catch up....

Trench, tee, skinnies and flats = so chic I can't stand it. SHE can't stand it. I mean look - she has to lean against the wall to hold up the weight of her fabulousness. What a burden.

Faux Chanel + stripey shirt + shades = you are right - I'll NEVER be that cool.

Sharp shouldered military jacket, chambray and white denim? Ahoy matey!

Elll-oh-veee-eeee the belted maxi dress, boyfriend jacket and flats. SO recreating this look from my own closet.

Thing one on my wish list? Lace mini dress. I supah dupah giant puff daddy heart the look with black opaque tights, and that clutch? Need.



♥alicia said...

love all of these!!!!! and no problem you can hijack my comment file anytime! :)

merciblahblah said...

I know - isn't she fab?! Oopsie ! I will try NOT to do any future hijacking, but thanks for the okay!