Monday, June 28, 2010

Ethnic DeLuxe

I don't know what to call this look, but I love it. Call it ethnic luxe, boho chic, tribal thrift, 70s redux, but whatever it is, it is really inspiring me lately. The past several years I have been into clean and sleek, but lately it is all ikat, layers and layers of accessories, caftans, kimonos, 70s glam with a modern spin, think the world's coolest head shop, if it sold clothing and jewelry along with water bongs and hookah's. Think India, Afria, Asia, with a bit of New Orleans bayou thrown in for good gris gris.

The Queen of Amazing Accessorizing: Iris Apfel. In the words of Wayne and Garth: "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!!"

Sigh. We've been over this before: Vintage. Sequin. Tiger Striped. Kimono. Which one of those things ISN'T fabulous? From Sea of Shoes.

All of the above: The Glamourai
Clearly SOMEONE needs to clean out their closet (I'm lookin at you, Little Blue Deer) and send me caftany kimono thing TOOT SWEET.

Guh - love the Asian delicacy that she is wearing, and those rings need to get OVER themselves. From Hippie Couture.

Look, I know I just posted a similar pic of Carey from Corks and Caftans a few posts back, but A) this is my blog so STEP OFF, 2) she is my new secret internet girlfriend, so I will keep posting photos of her randomly and c) I LOVE THOSE PANTS. I also love the ones above them from Gorgeous Glam. But I love Carey's more. Carey - don't be afeared - I assure you, my stalking is completely harmless. Call me.....

Well lookie here - it's Carey again. Okay, is this getting weird now, because even I think it is.

Anna Dello Russo - this sh!t ain't right.



corksandcaftans said...

boom! I'm less afraid of getting old and haggard after seeing that amazing lady decked out in turquoise. she is a bomb ass bitch!

Dobbygirl said...

I love me some Iris Apfel - she was one of my best dressed from the CFDA's girlfriend rocked some Balenciaga! And Anna Dello Russo, don't get me started :o) Great post, tons of inspiration!!!!