Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: Silver Spoons

I dedicate this song to Amy:

Here we are, face to face
a couple of silver spoons.
Hopin' to find we're two of a kind
makin' a go, makin' it grow...

okay, I can't finish it, mainly because for some reason stupid blogger won't let me just copy and paste, and I don't want to actually type out all the words to Silver Spoons here - you get the gist. Anyhoo, I call this look silver spoons, not so much because it reminds me of Ricky Schroeder back in the day before he was Rick Schroeder, but more so because Silver Spoons was the first time we saw Jason Bateman:

Dude - I totes forgot that Wilma from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was on Silver Spoons, and that guy from Night Court. What the hell ever happened to them?
Okay, someone needs to take their meds and FOCUS, because this post is actually about what I'm wearing today, and the fact that my hurr looks TURRIBLE. Please excuse that, and let's move on, shall we?

Jacket from Ladieth Night Clothing Swap-a-rama-lama-ding-dong; Tee, Target; Shorts, birfday gift that I am wearing before said birfday from me sis, courtesy of The Limited.
Closer upper deets of shorts - they silver, hence the title. See? It's alllll coming together now, isn't it?

Even more closer upper deets. Don't be skurred - I'm not gettin any closer than this

Shoesies, Vicky's Secret.

Ames - are you ready to talk about Lost YET??????
NO. Not yet, dude. Not until next week. The Mister and I don't have a chance to watch all twelvity-five hours until this weekend. I know. Sorrrrrrrrrrrry.
Other fings:
You look super de cute today.
Your the silver to my spoon. The pea to my pod. OHMYWORD am I even awake yet? I'm not making sense even more than I usually don't make sense.


Melanie said...

Those shorts are FAB!!!! loving the subtle metallic...very chic lady!

SGM said...

Hot, Shan!
Thank you for the reference to Silver Spoons.