Thursday, May 27, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: The Picka Nicka Edition

Great. Yogi Bear "picka nicka" on the brain. This can't be good.

I wish you could see this shirt in person. I mean sure it looks like a picnic tablecloth and is way voluminous but there are details that just don't come across in photos. Like the back. Oh, I tried - believe you me I tried - to get pictures of the back with my phone over my head but all I got was crazy blurry stuff. Not helpful.

Let me explain it: Pretend you had a pair of cargo pants that had ties on the sides of the legs that you could pull on and adjust the length. Got it? THAT is what the blouse does in the center of the back of the shirt. Iz fun times.

Anyhoo, finally stopped in a little boutique I pass by all the time and found this super fun blouse with all its ruffledy collar, side ruffles, adjustable tie goodness. I'm kinda crazy about it. Also crazy? It was on sale for twenty dollah to make you hollah.

Worn with distressed jeans, Target sandals and a super fly bracelet my mommy gave me.

I need that shirt in my life, it is THE CUTES. For reals. If you can get me one, I pay you back. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a cutimous shirt today. I serious. Soooo Glamourai. You rock.


Melanie said...

That shirt is amazing, you know how I love an oversize check! It reminds me of something the Olsen trolls, I mean twins would design. Their stuff is amazing!