Monday, May 3, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: Gangster's Paradise

I am such a badass in my F21 Chanel knockoff (on clearance, durrrr).... I DO like how you can sees my DIY painting in the background.

I love that I am totes giving myself the side-eye in this pic. Like I'm all - "Woman, you are almost 41 years old. That is WAY too old to be documenting your sartorial statements every day for a blog. " Jeans, Old Navy; Tee, Target; Necklathe, F21
Double Finger Ring!!! Not the one I REALLY want (hint, hint - if The Hubs is looking on here again for ideers for my impending bday - see post below...), but it was under five dollah at F21, so I went with it.

Giant cocktail ring that I wish I would've gotten in a different size because I can only wear it on my pinkies and it always rolls to the side very annoying-like. F21.

Ohmyhell I can't tell you how much I love this necklathe, which looks totally vintage but is brand new and they gave me a discount because there is a stupid kink in it which I can't get out but under five dollah? Yes, please, and thank you F21.

Shoesies - Newport News. Black toenails - POLISH. I swear, it's not really THIS black. I mean, it's pretty black wivout polish, but it's not all shiny and new black. More like dead and disgusting black. Amy, are you throwing up yet? Welcome home!!! Loves!