Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: The French Cowboy

Oui, oui, I am zee French cowboyeeee

For the love of Mike Holmes, that mirror is so frigging dirty I need to clean it if I'm going to continue with these posts. Blech. Dress, Old Navy; Hat, Target; Vintage Frye's, eBay

Geode slice ring, local boutique; chunky turqwaaaz snake ring, Old Navy; other two turqwaaaz rings, hell if I know

Vintage faux turqwaaaz squash blossom necklathe, eBay

Finally, thankth to my fellow internet bloggers for inspiring me on a daily basis, espesh to put items together in my closet that I never thought to put together. Behold, the fab-you-lous Where Did You Get That. We are practically twins:

Merci Beaucoup, Pee Wee!

Merci Blah Blah, Dottie!

Notes From Amy:

A) Um, cute much? Gimme necklathe.

2) Girl, you don't need Mike Holmes. You need Mike Rowe all up on that mirror. I thought those were strings hanging off your dress at the hemline. (Sidebar: Do you watch "Holmes on Homes"..discuss. I can't...an hour is too long.)

Tres) Note to self: Don't buy Shan turquoise rings for birthday. She all set. Of course, you can always send me one.

I think that is all. For now.

Merci Blah Blah,



Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Is all of MO this cool, or are you 2 an anomale???