Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Sh!t Ain't Right

From The Shoe Girls Blog. This is her office. She is a shoe designer. I hate her. Okay, I don't HATE her, I am just three shades of green with envy. Jerk.

Please count the row of mother-effing Louboutins in the photo above and try not to vomit.

This sh!t ain't right.




DECORICA said...

Each shoe is like a work of art. Gorgeous.

I'm Molly said...

I just died and came back to life. How is it fair that this is someone's job? I picked the wrong major.

Jill said...

Your so funny!

GiGi said...

i hate her too.
i also hate her loub box perfectly perched on her pink desk.
she's a jerk.