Friday, May 21, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Rock & Roll (Hoochie Coo) Style

I know what you're thinking: it's all about hoochie coo with Shannan, isn't it? I assure you, dear readers, it is not. I do, however, love fashion that is all about rock and roll, with it's badass design, funky jewreys, and attitude. Tis why I love all of the following looks: they all have that rock and roll element.

Maybe it's because of the hair or the heavy eye makeup, but whatever it is, I love everything about their yin/yang vibe here, and it deffo speaks to my inner I love rock and roll Joan Jett.

Kate Lanphear from Jak & Jill. So effing cool and effortless, like "this old thing? I just found this laying on the floor of my boyfriend's room and threw it on. You may have heard of him: Mick Jagger."

I know she gets a lot of flack from people, but I supah dupah giant puffy heart Nicole Richie, even if I can never remember whether her last name has a "t" in it or not (thank you, Google). If I saw her walking down the street in this dress, I would tear it off her and wear it meself. That's how much I lurve it. Nicole, you have been warned.

This hurr is all "Rock out with your C@#K out." If I could figure out how she got that poofy and full but still straight look, I'd wear my hurr like this everyday, and walk around with my pinkie and pointer fingers up, and stick my tongue out at everyone I came in contact with, like this:
and then there's THIS guy, who has rock and roll chic down to a SCIENCE:

Perfection. Sheer perfection.
Happy Friday!