Friday, May 14, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy? Who WOULDN'T kiss her on the mouf? Look at her. Whatever. Not only is she gorgeous, but she also owns her own clothing line that I die for? With fabulous jewreys and gorgeous shoesies too? Come on, Rachel - PACE YOURSELF. Let's take a gander at some of my faves - I know the suspense is killing you:

Uneven lapel trench - adorably poyfect for spring.

Twisted cargo romper, you say? It's not that I love the romper aspect of it so much, but I DO love that painterly print, the twisted straps on the back. If it were a little short dress, I would love love love it.

You should know by now that I loves me some tie dye - not in the patchouli-stank hippie way, but in this tailored silk short "Oh, these old things? I just live on the beach in an amazing home that you will never afford and shop all day long" way.

Let's break this down, shall we? Stitched up (loves the ties at the cuffs) suede (whoseewhatsit?!!) jacket (durrrrr). Could this be more perfect for spring? I think not. Tis dope, I say, DOPE.

Oh Side Gathered Dress, why do you taunt me with your watercolor print, your cool sloppy drape? Because you are a little b!tch, that's why.

Off the Shoulder Easy Tee? More Tie Dye + Sexy Drapey tee = This Is Going In Shannan's Closet. The end.

See Off the Shoulder Easy Tee above.

Fitted Blazer with Scalloped Trim: You are a prep-school badass, and now you can dress like one.
24-Hour Dress: Would you like to come live in my closet? Why yes, yes you would.


Jill said...

I discovered her site a couple of months ago. Love it.

Jill said...

Just ordered a dress yesterday.