Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shameless Plug

Please to have the forgivings for the lack of any type of participation here on MBB as of late. I've been too busy to find fun fings on the interwebs to post and have been phoning in outfits. It's for a good reason though, honest. Keep reading...

Shan eluded to the fact that I was off doing good right about herrrre. She was right. I was. In addition to my "real" job, a little side piece here, and being all around dorky, I also work with 3 other fabulous women in all our all volunteer (of 4), practically zero funded non-profit, Operation Shower.

I wouldn't normally cross streams, wait that is Ghostbusters, I mean cross my worlds like this, but I'm particularly proud of our efforts and was really moved by this recap article of our event this weekend. The author did a great job of capturing the day.

And, maybe, just maybe, someone will be inspired to click our website and donate a few dollars or repost our mission on their blog. As my friend and founder, LeAnn said at the shower, "We love doing this so much and after each shower our greatest fear is that it will be our last and we won't be able to continue."

The biggest Merci of all,