Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rock The Casbah

I don't know. I'm just continuing the song title edition of "Women's Wear Daily" that Shan started below.

My shirt IS full of ethincy beaded goodness though and SATC 2 (the "they are in the desert...say whaaaa" sequel) is almost out so just go along with it.

Blouse: Macy's

Pants: High waisted and I don't remember from whence they came

Earrings: Who knows? Not I.

Vintage Trifari necklace as belt: Etsy

If you could feel how smooth and dreamy this blouse was you would want to spread me on toast this morning. It's okay. I don't judge what you all like to do. Freaks.


Amy Bo Bamy,
I will say to you again what I just said in the e-mails - what da HAIL are you doing wearing that shirt when you should be mailing it to me for my birfday? I realize my birfday isn't until June, but time is of the essence. I think you are very stingy and selfish for not sending it to me. Thanks a LOT. Jerk. And then you go and gross me out talking about spreading and all sorts of nasty stuff. Jerkity-erk. Double jerk. Jerk jerk, if you will.


Dear Shan,

I would literally give you the shirt off my back.

Just not this one. But one I wasn't completely bananas over and thought "eh, I can give it to Shan"? Totally would.

So step off, shorty.



DECORICA said...

That blouse is so cool. I'd even pair it with some skinny jeans.