Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Girl Crush #17

Cate Blanchett from Project Rungay from W Mag shoot. Gorge gorge gorge. Supah dupah giant puffy heart her. She can go from plain jane to fabulous glamazon. Like George Clooney, she is one of the very few actors today who so evoke old Hollywood. Brilliant.

To quote Princess Puffysleeves (aka Christian Siriano), girlfriend is FEE-ierce. I am sorry, but nothing is sexier than a deep vee on a woman who does NOT have Pamela Anderson's bewbies. I may be the only woman alive who wishes my boobs were smaller so I could rock that look.
Just wanted to show the full length version of that dress, because it is bananas.



Jill said...

I totally agree...I would wear deep v necks everyday if I could look like that...in reality, I'd look like a hooker.