Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Faves: Stylish Movies - Nine 1/2 Weeks

I have been thinking about doing this post forEVAH, and was going to discuss several of my favey crockett stylish movies in one post, but thought I'd drag it out and feature one per post. Kickin things off with one of my all-time faves both style wise and in general: Nine 1/2 Weeks.

Seriously, back in the day (the days of yore before botox and spray tan and miscellaneous facial enhancements), Micky Rourke was THE SH!T. Hawt hawt hawt, and this movie was the pinnacle of his hawtness. I love the dark sexiness through the whole movie - the scenes are shot darkly, the clothing is dark, Kim Basinger's dark smokey eyes, sigh. Love. It. All.

I had a really hard time finding screen shots from the film beyond the typical movie poster or silk slip, a la:

but I really did love the clothing and find it pretty timeless, despite the fact that the movie came out in 1986. I love that Kim Basinger's character goes from wearing very oversized, cocoon like sweaters that are almost Japanese in feeling, to tight, dominatrix style pinstriped suits. I love her oversized silky white men's button down - I don't think anyone else has looked as sexy in a plain white shirt since. Love her choppy, non-hairstyle messy hair that is just perfection, and the dark eyes and red lips.

I also love the soundtrack to the film, because for reals, is there any better sexaaay song than this?




GiGi said...

oh, he makes me weak in the knees.
LOVE me some Mickey.

I'm Molly said...

This movie is a great aphrodisiac. Puts me in the mood.every.time.

Full House said...

I think I'm going to Hollywood video right now.