Monday, May 17, 2010

Awwww, Fank You


Thanks for the post below. You so sweet you give me a toofache. Here are some pics from the festivities
The World's Most Perfect Cake: Giada's orange raspberry cake, 3-layer. I outdid myself, I admit it.
Simon & Papaw - I heart this pic.
Scarlett Angel Baby - I have no doubt she was watching TV here...
Mommy and Scarley Girl
Gavie Doodle Noodle - another one for a frame. Sigh. So. Tute.
It is virtually impossible to get a photo of the entire family with everyone looking at the camera and SMILING. And not flashing their drawers, Scarlett...
Simon & Papaw
Daddy & Gavin

Cousin Baby John is so squeezably delicious I just want to eat him up.



GiGi said...

gee whiz, i wish we could have been there. they are so yummy!!
play date, SOON??!!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to the beautiful 3-some! Hope you had a fabulous time, and sorry we missed it too!

Natasha said...

Do you have anymore of that cake? It was Magically Delicious! And Barbara was a dear.