Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello Luvah...

Our homegirl Mel (aka Bubbles) at Scout - A Mom's Guide to Stylish Living, passed on the Hello Luvah award to Ames and me, which basically means we get to share seven of our favey crockett shoesies with you. Thank GOD it was seven, because picking just one pair would be akin to choosing my favorite child. I don't think I could do it. Pick one favorite pair of shoes, that is - I DO have a favorite child.

KIDDNG! I kid! I'm a kidder! Seriously, peeps, what kind of a person do you think I am?! Wait, don't answer that...

Anyhoozle - I'll post mine first, and Ames can follow up when she gets time away from saving the world to do so. You may notice that all my shoes are heels - I can't say that ANY flats are my faves. I mean, I'm a shortie, so I will pick a heel any day of the week over a flat. It's not to say I don't wear flats, I just prefer not to.
Okay, I know I said I couldn't pick an actualy favorite, but these may be for sheer sentimental value alone - my wedding shoes. Karen Millen, and for the love of sweet fancy Nellie Olsen, they have FEATHERS on them, people. If you know anything about me at all, it is that I LOVE feathers.

My "Minnie Mouse As Hooker" shoes - Zinc. I sometimes forget about these, but I have an outfit planned to wear them wif this week, oh yes I do.

These Naughty Monkeys may be a close runner-up for second place. Love love love them - the embroidered and beaded details on them is pretty amazeballs.

Got these Franco Sartos from Vicky's Secret, and unfortch, some of the leopard "spots" have worn off. I know, I know - I'm sure Louboutins would NEVER do that, but I don't have the bank to spend on Loubs at this point in life. Sigh.

Steve Madden via T.J. Maxx. Loves the color, loves the suede, loves the cutout detail.

Silver sparkley pumps, aka Ames. Don't even know the brand on these, I just know that I love them, and thank the hebbins, they don't hurt my feet like the OTHER silver shoes Amy gave me that I am pretty sure tried to kill me.

Frye harness boots, courtesy of eBay. Meet me at camera three, people, because I need to tell you I L-O-V-E my Frye's. I have another pair of lace-up Frye's, but these harness boots are The. Sh!t. Love them with jeans, love them with leggings, love them with tights and a dress, they are perfection. Heavy as hell, but I don't care. They rock.

I'm going to pass on the Hello Luvah to a few tres chic and stylish ladies that I admire in the blogosphere, and let Amy pass it on to a few peeps too. I hereby, therefore, thenceforth and herewith bequeath this Hello Luvah award to:

Seniorita Fashionista
Stella's Roar
Secrets of Domestic Bliss
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Elements of Style

Go on witcho bad selves.

Don't forget to enter into our giveaway (see post below for deets) - deadline is this Friday!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Our First EVAH Giveaway!!!!


I have been wanting to do a giveaway for many moons now, and recently was contacted by the lovely Sean with CSN Stores to donate a $60 gift certificate to one lucky reader to use at any of their websites. Dude, that's a lot. For reals, CSN offers everything from sectional sofas to shoes to home decor to kitchen tables (in fact, I got my own ginormous round kitchen table at and lurv lurv lurv it). Can I just say it was something like $399, with free shipping. Das right - I said FREE. SHIPPING. For a table that seats a family of 27 (okay, it would probably just seat 8, but STILL) free shipping is the shiz-nit. I could go on, but they have 200+ websites, so I'll just stop here.

Sexaaay nude stillettos? Yes, please.

Silver throw pillow? I'll take two.

The table we ordered from CSN - the Modus Hudson X-Base

Anyhoozle - if you would like to be entered into the drawing, firsties - make sure you're a follower of MerciBlahBlah - then leave me a comment in this post telling me your favorite thing about me. Okay, I am kidding - just leave a comment with your e-mail address, and WHAMO - you're entered. If you want a second entry, and you have your own bloggity-ogg, do a lil postie toastie with a link to our humble site, then come back and leave ANOTHER comment with your linksie, and SHAZAM - second entry.

We will do a random entry drawing this on Friday, June 4, so make sure to become a follower and leave your comment by noon that day. Good luck!


Friday Faves: Stylish Movies - Nine 1/2 Weeks

I have been thinking about doing this post forEVAH, and was going to discuss several of my favey crockett stylish movies in one post, but thought I'd drag it out and feature one per post. Kickin things off with one of my all-time faves both style wise and in general: Nine 1/2 Weeks.

Seriously, back in the day (the days of yore before botox and spray tan and miscellaneous facial enhancements), Micky Rourke was THE SH!T. Hawt hawt hawt, and this movie was the pinnacle of his hawtness. I love the dark sexiness through the whole movie - the scenes are shot darkly, the clothing is dark, Kim Basinger's dark smokey eyes, sigh. Love. It. All.

I had a really hard time finding screen shots from the film beyond the typical movie poster or silk slip, a la:

but I really did love the clothing and find it pretty timeless, despite the fact that the movie came out in 1986. I love that Kim Basinger's character goes from wearing very oversized, cocoon like sweaters that are almost Japanese in feeling, to tight, dominatrix style pinstriped suits. I love her oversized silky white men's button down - I don't think anyone else has looked as sexy in a plain white shirt since. Love her choppy, non-hairstyle messy hair that is just perfection, and the dark eyes and red lips.

I also love the soundtrack to the film, because for reals, is there any better sexaaay song than this?



Thursday, May 27, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: The Picka Nicka Edition

Great. Yogi Bear "picka nicka" on the brain. This can't be good.

I wish you could see this shirt in person. I mean sure it looks like a picnic tablecloth and is way voluminous but there are details that just don't come across in photos. Like the back. Oh, I tried - believe you me I tried - to get pictures of the back with my phone over my head but all I got was crazy blurry stuff. Not helpful.

Let me explain it: Pretend you had a pair of cargo pants that had ties on the sides of the legs that you could pull on and adjust the length. Got it? THAT is what the blouse does in the center of the back of the shirt. Iz fun times.

Anyhoo, finally stopped in a little boutique I pass by all the time and found this super fun blouse with all its ruffledy collar, side ruffles, adjustable tie goodness. I'm kinda crazy about it. Also crazy? It was on sale for twenty dollah to make you hollah.

Worn with distressed jeans, Target sandals and a super fly bracelet my mommy gave me.

I need that shirt in my life, it is THE CUTES. For reals. If you can get me one, I pay you back. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a cutimous shirt today. I serious. Soooo Glamourai. You rock.

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: French Style

Ooooooh la la - I came across these photos on La Dolce Vita, who got them from Dress Design Decor, who got them from Paris Vogue, and they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on...

Oopsie - sorry to lapse into Fabrege Organic speak - I do that from time to time. For the love of Marcel Marceau, this photo shoot is SICK with perfection, from the tres gorgeous hair, to the dark wash flares, to the pristine white boot cut jeans, to the navy blazer and disgustingly awesome YSL belt and striped shirt and embellished jacket and tassle necklace and...

wait...whahappened? why am I wet? MERD! I just blacked out and peed myself AGAIN.

Seriously - anyone with hair this perfect should just be punched in the face. Amy, you have been warned.
Spotless white pants - j'taime.

Stripes and sailor pants and red clutch, oh my!

Ah oui, look at me, I am too cool to look directly at zee camera, and zee weight of my fabulous hair weighs down my head oh so slightleeee, but I steeeel look better zan you evah willlll...

Woman, I am going to punch you in the stomach and steal that bag. Count on it.

Jacket....tassle necklace...YSL buckle...ahhhh, speaky.

Tassle necklace, you complete me.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Um, YUM.

Holy. Crap. Salted chocolate tiny and fancy s'mores? I don't even know where to begin. Sweet Baby Jeebus on a graham cracker, every word in that description is perfection. I just went into sugar shock. From Oh Joy.
Merci. Again.

Women's Wear Daily: Mad For Plaid

Omigosh try not to be thoroughly fouled out by my disgusting mirror. Seriously. YOU try living with three 2-year olds and see how clean YOUR mirrors are. Hmmmmpfh!!!!

Dress, Old Navy; sandals and chapeau, Target; belt, ladieth night clothing swap a rama lama ding dong


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yo, Macy's. Meet Me At Camera Three.

I don't know who you think you are because you are Macy's for the love of Andrea McArdle starring as the precocious Annie in the original stage production.
To post THIS dress on the homepage of the "women's" tab and then make it impossible for me to find said dress ANYWHERE on the entire website??? Rude times infinity. Don't you know I have a 20 year high school reunion in four weeks that I might be ready to wear that for?

I mean, really. REALLY.

(If anyone finds it I will send you a prize yet TBD.)

Blah blah,


Women's Wear Daily: Silver Spoons

I dedicate this song to Amy:

Here we are, face to face
a couple of silver spoons.
Hopin' to find we're two of a kind
makin' a go, makin' it grow...

okay, I can't finish it, mainly because for some reason stupid blogger won't let me just copy and paste, and I don't want to actually type out all the words to Silver Spoons here - you get the gist. Anyhoo, I call this look silver spoons, not so much because it reminds me of Ricky Schroeder back in the day before he was Rick Schroeder, but more so because Silver Spoons was the first time we saw Jason Bateman:

Dude - I totes forgot that Wilma from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was on Silver Spoons, and that guy from Night Court. What the hell ever happened to them?
Okay, someone needs to take their meds and FOCUS, because this post is actually about what I'm wearing today, and the fact that my hurr looks TURRIBLE. Please excuse that, and let's move on, shall we?

Jacket from Ladieth Night Clothing Swap-a-rama-lama-ding-dong; Tee, Target; Shorts, birfday gift that I am wearing before said birfday from me sis, courtesy of The Limited.
Closer upper deets of shorts - they silver, hence the title. See? It's alllll coming together now, isn't it?

Even more closer upper deets. Don't be skurred - I'm not gettin any closer than this

Shoesies, Vicky's Secret.

Ames - are you ready to talk about Lost YET??????
NO. Not yet, dude. Not until next week. The Mister and I don't have a chance to watch all twelvity-five hours until this weekend. I know. Sorrrrrrrrrrrry.
Other fings:
You look super de cute today.
Your the silver to my spoon. The pea to my pod. OHMYWORD am I even awake yet? I'm not making sense even more than I usually don't make sense.


Made Nigella's zucchini fritters for dinner on Sunday night, and homina homina were they deeee-lish.

Oh. My. Garsh. These are going into my regular summer rotation along with my favey crockett salad - watermelon, arugula and feta with balsamic vinaigrette. Do your mouf a favor and make them.


Monday, May 24, 2010

This One Is Even Better

See, I tode you I can't stop.

You are welcome.

I Can't Stop.

Enjoy some Lost bloopers from Season 5.

Women's Wear Daily: Black & White

My brain is still numb from the Lost finale. Let's just get to the deets, shall we?

Blouse, vintage; tank and skirt, Old Navy; shoes, Steve Madden at T.J. Maxx

Necklathe, F21

Belt, God only knows

Lucite ring, some shop in Laguna; black cocktail ring, F21

Ring, F21

What da HAIL??????!!!@#$!@#$

That was it, really?!!! Why not just have Pam Ewing wake up and find Sawyer, Jack and Hurley in the shower? Wait, strike that, just have her find Sawyer and Jack in the shower...

For the love. Does anyone care to discuss?

For the best Lost recap EVAH, get thee hence to Project Rungay and spend some time reading not only their recap, but the comments as well. Love those boys. Then browse around the rest of their site and read fabulous commentary on anything from red carpet recaps to Mad Men.


Dear Shan and readers:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Back late last night from a whirlwind 25 hour trip to KC to see my nephew graduate (sniff he grow up so fast?) so NO SPOILERS. Sheesh. Of all the nerve in the world, you are NOT posting about LOST the day after the finale on here, Shan. You know the rule: Discuss in private to see if the other has watched first.

I mean, don't make me not visit my very own blog I occasionally co-author. I mean, REALLY.

P.S. I hope it didn't suck.

Uh, 'scuse me (tapping you on shoulder), I purposely did NOT post any spoilers. I'm not a TOTAL douche (no comments from the peanut gallery here). I don't want to offend all 52 of our readers, after all - it has taken over a year to get that many. Come ON, give me a LITTLE credit. Just don't read any comments 'til you've seen it. My lips are sealed.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Rock & Roll (Hoochie Coo) Style

I know what you're thinking: it's all about hoochie coo with Shannan, isn't it? I assure you, dear readers, it is not. I do, however, love fashion that is all about rock and roll, with it's badass design, funky jewreys, and attitude. Tis why I love all of the following looks: they all have that rock and roll element.

Maybe it's because of the hair or the heavy eye makeup, but whatever it is, I love everything about their yin/yang vibe here, and it deffo speaks to my inner I love rock and roll Joan Jett.

Kate Lanphear from Jak & Jill. So effing cool and effortless, like "this old thing? I just found this laying on the floor of my boyfriend's room and threw it on. You may have heard of him: Mick Jagger."

I know she gets a lot of flack from people, but I supah dupah giant puffy heart Nicole Richie, even if I can never remember whether her last name has a "t" in it or not (thank you, Google). If I saw her walking down the street in this dress, I would tear it off her and wear it meself. That's how much I lurve it. Nicole, you have been warned.

This hurr is all "Rock out with your C@#K out." If I could figure out how she got that poofy and full but still straight look, I'd wear my hurr like this everyday, and walk around with my pinkie and pointer fingers up, and stick my tongue out at everyone I came in contact with, like this:
and then there's THIS guy, who has rock and roll chic down to a SCIENCE:

Perfection. Sheer perfection.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Inspiration

Um, hi cool drapey dress with photo print. Why you gotta be such a little bitch? From WholesomeFashion.

Well hello there, collection of badass silver rings, and duh-OPE nail polish (not to mention perfect manicure). Do you want to come live with me? Durrrrr....From 5 Inch And Up.

Oh 1960s screen-starlet-inspired hair, why aren't you on my head? From Idle Fascination.

Asian Audrey Hepburn Jackie O mash-up, I covet your lacy confection and marching band jacket. Sartorialist.

You had me at pink petal skirt wif black tights.

I am sorry, but I need that tank and white skirt in my life. That is all. Both above from Nini Style.