Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Women's Wear Daily

MC Hammer can't touch this and you can't read this but sigh, oh well. Still can't keep a good stripe down, yo.

Top: TJ Maxx (Shan, tell your mom "But it's a Liz!" for me.)
Jeans: Joe's Jeans Provocateur wide leg
Jewries: Floral necklace and ring - F21. Pearl and lucite multi-strand - Vintage.
Shoes: Black wedges you can't see, Chris.

(love the post below, Shan!)


angela | the painted house said...

Shannan, Girls, you are busting me up! Thank you for stopping by ye olde painted house! Love your blog and must add to my reader because I shan't forget this goodness...sorry to get all Chaucer on ye. When I get excited I turn all old English. it. I think that may sum me up, too. :)