Monday, April 12, 2010

Women's Wear Daily

Yay new satin harem pants! I know - I never thought I'd see the day either. Just go with it.

Satin harem pants, clearance at JC Penny's, slouchy black tank, clearance at Sears; olive military jacket, clearance at Old Navy (what can I say? I never met a clearance rack I didn't love); shoes, Target

Necklatheth, vintage/thrifted
Just call me Jingle and Jangle. Bracelets, Old Navy (I think); ring, Rachel Roy

Happy Monday!
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, you found your pants. Cuteness.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Seriously? JCPenney! Been wanting some harem pants....never thought about JCP! Although my thighs would laugh at me if I tried to put satin on them. Mwaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaa(evil laugh)

Shannan said...

Dude - I don't even think they were $10 there. I have been wanting some too and just stumbled across them last week. Dooooo iiiit.

Beth said...

I have a serious crush on your ring. Big, gold, purple... yep, you know what time it is. Time to put on my Depends.

Shannan said...

Awwwww yeah - it's D-Time, B-Money! Thank ye kindly. I lurv it myself, which is probably why I have it on in every ensemble post. I think they still have them at (and it's something like $38).

Style Scout said...

You finally found yourself some silk panty pants! yay! Now you won't have to steal mine when I am not those bangles.

Natasha said...

Hey, i know that tassle necklace!!!

Jen L said...

Hey, go get me one of those jackets if they still have them at ON! Jen

Shannan said...

Jen - unfortch I got that jacket about 3 years ago. Schorry!!!!