Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Women's Wear Daily

Amy, just don't say anything. We'll see how it goes.

Zebra dress - J Crew

Necklatheth, Macyth

Bracelet on left, Jones store; on right, Old Navy; Man Hands, all mine (Quick glimpse into my psyche - when my sister and I were little, my mom, in an ass-backwards way, was trying to compliment each of us, and said, "Jennifer has pretty HANDS, and Shannan has pretty HAIR." Hence, we each discovered several years ago that we are both self conscious about our hair and hands respectively. I don't know why I keep photographing mine to share with the world. Ugh. Lord - may I never give my kids a complex about themselves. I'll just keep saying to each of them "Why can't you be more like your BROTHER/SISTER?!!" What - is that wrong?)

Shoes, Tar-jay



I am not listening......I can't hear you....la la la. I'm sorry but I have to say you look KEYOOT. I'm still so happy you scored that dress. It's going to be fantastical until the end of time. I totes mcgoats halfassed it today (dude, I'm wearing Chuck Taylors if that tells you anything) but maybe I'll try to take a picture of my hair later. I did a twisty thing with my bangs and pulled them to the side. There. That's in case I don't take a picture.

To recap. I don't listen to you. You look cute.




Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Why are you teasing me with the call of the wild? EVERYONE knows I loves me some zebra stripes! Add a little turqoise and woodsy accents....fuggetaboutit!!