Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: Sick Day

Not me - my munchkin Gavie Doodle. Don't know if I'll have to leave early, so I took it upon myself to wear jeans to work. That's how I roll.

Sequin slouch blazer: Macy's; Converse boot cut jeans: Tar-jay; Burnout tank: F21;

Lucite earrings: Amy Bo Bamy; necklatheth: F21 and Arden B

Shoesies: Amy Bo Bamy
Belt: Hebbin only knows; Blurry photography: Yours truly (suck on THAT, Steven Meisel)



Full House said...

what the body...triplets?

that's hot stuff right there.

Full House said...

oh and Shan go eat some Oreos:-)