Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Women's Wear Daily: 2 Legit 2 Quit

STOP! Hammer pants!

Pants: Been there, done that; Jacket w/zippers on the sleebes: Ladieth night clothing swap; T: Target; Shoes: Target

I ask you, what could be more Klassy with a capital K than photographing oneself busting out some MC Hammer in front of the mirror? Oh wait, maybe this:

Countess LuAnn RAPPING ABOUT ETIQUETTE. If you're up for it, take a listen here, and thanks to SGM for her PRICELESS recaps of the Real Houswives of Wherever You Like.

And since we're talking about klass, I thought I'd share one MORE story witchooo. So yesterday, I was using the bafroom at work (see - a bathroom story - I TOLD you it was klassy), and our bathroom may well have the thinnest walls in the history of bathrooms and walls. Seriously. One can hear the lady whose office is on the other side of the wall at her desk quite clearly when one is in the toilette. So I'm sitting there and I rip one (as one does ONLY in the confines of the bafroom - BWAH), and I immediately hear someone SHUFFLING PAPER. Seriously. It was so loud and clear that I TURNED AROUND TO SEE IF THERE WAS A MOUSE BEHIND ME ON THE TOILET TANK - I kid you not. Then I went back to my desk and immediately e-mailed Amy, which made me start laughing uncontrollably at my desk, forcing me once again to the Bath Of the Thin Walls so I could laugh and cry in peace. With the lady on the other side of the wall.

Stay Klassy, San Diego.



Melanie said...

I am laughing SOOOO hard, between your bathroom story and your picture by picture 2 legit 2 quit....oh girl, this is the best way to start a morning.

Shan said...

I am happy that my photo story and my gas has perked up your day.