Monday, April 19, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Alkemie Jewelry

Pull out the smelling salts and the Depends, because I just took the time to peruse Alkemie Jewelry's website and am simultaneously swooning and peeing my pants over almost everything. Created from 100% reclaimed materials, inspired by nature, and if you purchase them from the fab site econscious market, they automatically donate a percentage of the cost to the charity of your choice. My favorites are those creations inspired by the ocean blue, but in the end it's alllllll good.

Starfish Cuff O Wonder, how do I love thee....

Seahorse Necklace, you are so perfectly adorable I would like to eat you, but I won't.

Zipper Cuff = badass and chic in one

Lion Cuff = wicked cool

Hedgehog Ring = Tho thweet

Deco Scarab Chain Necklace should be DECO-rating my neck.


Dear Alkemists - I would gladly wear any and all of the above that you wish to send to me.




Jill said...

The scarab necklace is pretty cool!