Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ring Ring

Anthropolgie called and wants their outfit back. Not yet, I say! I'd be the nekkid. Besides, it's not even from your store mostly. I do feel very Anthro today though. I think I am having a fashion identity crisis. I'm all over the board lately. Or mayhaps I just like what I like and I like a lot.

Spring is here and it acutally feels like Summer today. It's delightful but I'm still not quite ready to bust out the self-tanner though, so I had to don some tights while I still can get away with it. And, if you know me, I have been slapping any sort of flower pin I can get on me since about 2000. We go way back.

Empire waisty babydollish just above the knee dress: not really sure actually. Last year. All I know is it has POCKETS. Dresses with pockets are like wine with my mouth. A match made in heaven.

Flower pins: old Anthro.

Earrings: Don't remember but they are some of my faves.

Black, charcoal and wood heel shoes: Fossil. I know? What? I didn't even know they made shoes.

Oh, and I really am not going to do this everyday, ya'll. I just have nothing better to post lately and at least I'm contributing something with SHANNNNNNAAAAANNNN.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Don't Stop...Belieeeevin', I mean posting outfits.

...I'm very commentey lately...

MerciBlahBlah said...

You're the postest with the mostest, CDN.