Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Okay, this is for to see the vintage jewrie set, Shan. And, while I don't normally advocate jewelry "sets" per se, I broke my own rule because I like both of these. I sue myself.

So serious. I also like to include my head today because the faces one makes when not taking face shots are hilarious and you need to know that I'll never pretend I'm cooler than I am. I'm a dork.



Ruffledy Jungle Love (oh e oh e oh) Blouse: Dillards $5.97 clearance frock you pick up thinking "I'm sure I can get 6 bucks worth out of that" and you do
High Waist Pantalones I love but the pockets stick out and make me crazy sometimes: Have no idea...last year
Shoes: ditto...last year (and I hate feet but needed a corner puzzle piece)
Jewelry: Vintage


GiGi said...

loves it---meow.

SGM said...

I love this outfit and this feature. LOVE.
(I'm talking to you too, diaper dandy Shan.)
Keep doing this.

Jill said...

Meow right back atcha! Love it!

Style Scout said...

Amy, you have the BEST HAIR! so not fair...and I am loving the necklace with the printed blouse. gorgeous.