Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DIY Sneak Peek

Imagine if you will this dresser, and imagine further (REALLY imagine, because I don't have a pic of it) that it is actually a credenza, with a tall shelf that sits on top of this one. And THEN imagine if one were to prime and paint it to go in their master bafroom, to hold towels and jewreys and possibly shoesies.

It MIGHT look like this:

Or this:

Ya'll, I am gonna go straight up Britney on your asses, because I. Cannot. WAIT to see this when it's finished. For real - it'll be like a twinkie cake sprinkled with Cheetos, and washed down with an icy cold Route 44 Mountain Dew - THAT good, ya'll.

On the credenza on top, I plan to paint the interior of the cabinet bright yellow. Let's add a couple of Ho-Ho's to that Twinkie cake and CELEBRATE.



Sos you knows. Dying to see the finished product. Gonna be the amaze.