Monday, March 29, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Street Style

Why don't we go with a little Random Inspiration for a Monday morning after two nights of having a random triplet join us in bed in the middle of the night for various reasons and then lay there are fart around for 2 hours. Makes for a GREAT way to start the work week when one has to get up at 5:30 a.m.


I'll tell you what I'd like for spring - some cool little dress with a photo print on it, like this one from Wholesome Fashion, or the shirt I had in 1977 with a photo print of a little boy kissing a little girl in the park. I'm not choosy.

Sigh. If ONLY I hadn't been number seven out of eight in the ladieth night clothing swap, then maybe I could've put together this little ensemble from Stockholm Streetstyle. Instead, I am green with envy with the swag that Mel (aka Bubbles) from Style Scout SCORED (see her gloating here). I shake my fist at you and your adorable wardrobe, Bubbles!

This outfit from The Sartorialist is just dead sexy, but in an understated way. Love the coat, the dress, the leggings, and those slouchy boots are buttah.

Happy Monday!