Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Um, YUM Part Deux

Made this for dinner last night:

Courtesy of Giada. Thank you, you tiny-handed, huge-boobied chef o wonder. The only difference I made was to substitute toasted walnuts for pine nuts in the pesto because I din't have any pine nuts. Oh, and I used regular whole wheat spaghetti noodles rather than trenette. Still delicious in my belly and mouth regions. I whole-heartedly recommend.

You're welcome!



Thank you to Epicurean Expressions for the photo (since I did not bother to take a pic of me own meal before diving in face first...)


GiGi said...

you forgot shrug wearing, ocean view living, accent on italian words speaking shorty.

that looks DE-LISH!!
fun for the whole family.

word verification: chani

immediately thought of chianti.
i am JONES-ING!!

Lisa Levine said...

Thanks for the mention Shannan! BTW - the link to my blog (epicurean expressions) is incorrect... should be: epicureanexpressions.blogspot.com I love your blog and am now a follower! :)

MerciBlahBlah said...


Lisa - welcome! Sorry about the incorrect link - tis fixed now. Thank YOU for the use of your yummy photo!